Friday, August 12, 2011

I predict a great future for the performers…

From Boxettes 2011

The support act for the Boxettes was Emma Topolski, performing at a second legendary Jazz venue in as many weeks – this time on the main stage of the venue. Again her voice filled the venue – and it grew into the larger space, with an audience, unlike with the gig upstairs at Ronnie Scott’s not dominated by those specifically there to see her, Emma still managed to quieten a venue not always attentive to support acts, especially as many are enjoying a meal while they wait for the main act… By the end of the set she appeared to have overcome the nerves bought on by the larger venue – Emma is one to follow, and this was another step to greater things for her.

Then the stage was cleared to the simplicity of mics and monitors, no instruments, that belied the complexity of the sound that was about to be created. Beatbox was a genre I’d not previously seen performed live. The female quintet performing a-capella at the Jazz Cafe tonight are made up of Belle Ehresmann, “Bellatrix”, the current World Female Beatbox Champion, and Alyusha, Yvette, Neo and Kate – who all contributed to a varied performance – from Jazz to Hip hop, via Soul, Drum & Bass, and Folk….

The highlight of the evening was an improvised loose cover of the Kaiser Chiefs I predict a riot, prompted by asking the audience for a topic for an song – that might or might not work – even if the given subject was overly topical, the sentiment and structure of the improvisation engaged everyone – if it was recorded it should be made available as an example of the positive side of young Londoners – to contrast with the not exclusively young few that scarred London and other cities round the country earlier in the week.

The Boxettes are certainly unique and the range of genres they can apply their a-capella with beatbox skills to will give them a wide audience – once they have an EP out I’m sure it will soon be followed by an Album and more success….

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