Saturday, August 06, 2011

Different Brothers from Slough rather than Manchester

If you give away tickets to a gig to those pre-ordering an album, and guest list places via Facebook, you are guaranteed an enthusiastic audience – but the one at Camden Barfly must have exceeded the band, and record labels best possible expectations – I can only encourage other bands and record labels to follow suit - reward the people actually for pay for music rather than downloading it for free… A great way is to offer them either gig tickets or early access to by them – before the resellers get their hands on them an inflate the prices!

From Viva Brother 2011
With the Barfly full to capacity and livelier than I’ve seen it before, even for some fairly big names playing the relatively small venue as warm ups for bigger events, it was clear everyone was going to have a good night – and then Viva Brother took to the stage…

With so many guitars on stage, the sound is not surprise – their take on Brit Pop pays a little more homage to Oasis than from their commentary they’d like.

Will be interesting to see if they can develop a more unique sound of their own as they mature – not entirely sure they are ready for a stadium gig to 60,000 – included on their upcoming Japanese tour. The sound will certainly filling a stadium  – but will it fill it with originality too?

Having said that, the audience knew what to expect – most had bought the album – so had a great evening of live music – given Oasis is no more – there is a gap in the market… But they are going to have to develop a more resentful attitude to fill those shoes!

I commend Viva Brother and their record label Geffen for rewarding album buyers – they may have to do it again to repeat the atmosphere in Barfly.

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