Thursday, August 04, 2011

Alice rocks Lexington (London)

From Alice Gold 2011
I first heard Alice Gold headlining at the Borderline as part of the HMV Next Big Thing Series in February - now with a tour of her own, her music has matured and become more rocky - boardering on metal.

The choice of support acts often amuses me – the contrast between Alice and Charlene Soraia was wide – Charlene’s interactive folk amused and entertained the gathering audience at the Lexington – then more “on theme” for the main act was Web Paint

The best music of the night was when Alice allowed her voice to be heard and depended less on her guitar – the final two songs with just Alice bought the evening to a crescendo – Alice unplugged would be a interesting experiment… Will be seeking out her solo set at the Apple Cart Festival on Sunday.
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